Local Life Insurance

We compare life insurance for you we have quality advisors waiting to save you money and better your life insurance cover. Our team can search the whole of the insurance market to make sure you have the best deal available to you.

Buying life insurance is a very personal subject and to make sure that your family is protected financially we believe the best way to get the best cover is to speak with a local advisor who can understand your circumstances and get you an affordable tailored package that suits you and protects your family should the worse happen.

Whit comparison websites why do I need an advisor?

This is a good question and one that we get asked a lot within our industry. But the answer is simple with something as precious as your family and their financial stability why would you leave it down to a robot to decide what is best for you. Comparison websites are geared on price and use various algorithms that select insurance policies for you. At compare a life we take the time to understand our clients need s and their family’s future plans by taking this personal touch we believe we can find the best suited package for you that ensures your family is protected if something where to happen.

What to look for when buying life insurance?

Does it cover what you need? Have you considered your liabilities and your outgoings think about things such as your mortgage but also what you pay for school fees kids clubs and all your other bills that are covered by your monthly savings when you speak with our team of advisors we can help you work out what is important to be covered by running through a financial review which will show you what your liabilities are at the moment and how we can help you protect you in the future.

Can you cover two people under one policy?

Yes is the simple answer and we can help you select the best way in which your policy should be set up to make sure that you get the best level of cover available to you and your partner at the cheapest price.

When should I review my life insurance?

At any point in your life when you have a significant change in circumstances. This can range from a pay rise at work or taking on a new debt such as a mortgage or car finance to having a child and getting married. In the industry these are called key life events and we believe this is when your insurance should be reviewed. Over our years in business we have seems om many people paying for a policy that was set up years ago before they had children when they took on their first mortgage they have since had children moved a few times and the life insurance they were paying for each month does not cover what they thought and they are paying for a policy that would not even cover their mortgage should something happen to you. This is just one example as to how having a professional insurance advisor could help you we can compare your existing policy add on to that or set you up a completely new policy for you that is tailored to your lifestyle now and easily adaptable if changes come in the future.

What companies can we offer advice on?

Our team of advisers are whole of market. This means that they can search the whole of the insurance market throughout the uk to get you the best level of cover at the best price available. This is different to many life insurance advisers who are tied to one insurer or a small handful of companies.

Why do we operate in this way?

We believe that operating across the whole of the market gives our clients the best level of service as we are not blinkered or limited to a small number of companies and this allows us to purely focus on getting you the best deal on your insurance for you and your family.

Can we help you?

If you are aged over 18 and a uk resident more than likely yes we advise on a wide range of personal insurance products not just life insurance but can completely tailor a package to your needs to make sure you are covered to the best level and most importantly your family are protected for the future whatever happens.

Arrange a call back from one of our advisers to fill in the contact from and we will be In touch shortly ready to help you.

We can help you get life insurance locally across many cities in the UK from Birmingham to Southampton and many other large cities aswell.